Art, Artemisia, and International Women’s Day

When I was a young woman, perhaps 13 or 14, I was given a book on Feminism from an older cousin.  I smiled and thanked them for the book, but as soon as I brought the book to my room, I hid it away in the back of my bookshelf. ‘I am not a feminist!’ my young mind retaliated. Feminism was a bad word reserved for radical, horrible people who… who… Why was Feminism bad

Artist Interview with ConstructedBy

Who are you and what do you do?
Why hello there! I am a freelance illustrator and concept artist! After graduating with a degree in Character Design, I began to focus on more illustrative works instead of game design, and started my own freelance studio: Micaela Dawn Art. Now I work as a graphic designer in the daytime and a freelance Illustrator at night. My main focus is creating bold, colorful works of art that dabble in a fantasy feel.