Thank you so much for the incredible work on this series - your art style and palette brought such a unique vibe to the series, and as much as we adore your covers, Victor Lavalle dug them even more. Thank you again!
— Chris Rosa, BOOM! Studios

Who Is Micaela Dawn?

Micaela is an award winning freelance illustrator. Her work has been featured in Spectrum 23 by Flesk Publications, Infected by Art 4, the covers of Victor Lavalle's Destroyer series and Saladin Ahmed's Abbott by BOOM! Studios, and several international galleries. In her spare time, Micaela has been developing projects that speak to her desire for equality and the promotion of women’s rights. Her main focus is creating bold, colourful works of art that have roots in fantasy and mythology. She also has a passion for developing art that comments on the continued need for diversity while helping empower women and minorities.

Looks perfect! I definitely couldn’t have asked for a better cover.
— Chuck Griffin, Author
Thanks again for all of the amazing work you’ve done on this series — I really hope we’re able to collaborate again soon!
— Eric Harburn, BOOM! Studios

Galleries and Publications

  • Abbott, Boom! Studios - Variant Cover 1, 2018
  • Destroyer, Boom! Studios - Covers 1-6, 2017
  • Spectrum 23Flesk Publications, 2016
  • Infected By Art Volume 4, Hermes Press, 2016
  • Heritage Art SeriesUniversity of Alberta, Canada, 2015
  • Fast Forward Magazine, Cover Issue, 2015
  • The Pattern Show, RandM Collective, Canada, 2014
  • Arte y Enfermedades, Facultat de Belles Arts, València, 2014
  • Kunst og Sygdomme, Copenhagen Gallery, Denmark, 2014
  • Tiny Template - The Digital Publishing Edition, AMPA, Canada, 2014
  • ATP Live 2017, Alberta Theatre Projects, 2017
  • ParallelLight Grey Art Lab, MinnesotaUSA, 2017
  • FortuneLight Grey Art Lab, MinnesotaUSA, 2016
  • Floods, Blood, and Bitumen,University of Alberta Museum, Canada, 2016
  • The Bully ProjectAdobe, MAX conference, San Diego, California, 2015
  • Perspectives Exhibition, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Alberta, 2014
  • Who’s Frank Exhibition - Anti Bullying initiative, Canada, 2014
Micaela completed a great Logo design for a new board game we were making. Micaela was exceptionally responsive to our needs with regards to time and specifics of design - she was great to work with!
— Nic Hil, Clash of Civilizations